Dip Clips 4pcs

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Sauces can be messy so keep things clean and tidy with the innovative Dip Clips from Progressive. Perfect for kids and adults, they can be used at all sorts of occasions, including BBQs and parties. Each plastic dip clip features a soft grip button to hold it in place on your plate, perfect for carrying around your favourite dip, condiment or dressing.

Product Features:
• Small dipping bowl
• Soft grip button holds Dip Clip in place on plate
• Material: Polypropylene and TPE
• Great for salsa, ranch, guacamole or barbecue sauce
• Available in 4 colours to easily identify plates at a party
• Works with almost any plate materials and sizes, however for best results, double up thinner paper plates
• Great for adults or kids
• Dishwasher safe

Pack Contains:
• 1 x Dip Clip Orange
• 1 x Dip Clip Green
• 1 x Dip Clip Red
• 1 x Dip Clip Yellow

• Height: 40mm
• Width: 75mm
• Depth: 80mm
• Volume: 80ml
• Pack Weight: 94g