Hands-free Dog Poop Collector

Save 41%
  • Hand free dog poop collection - the clip will clip around dogs' tail then the waste bag will cover the dog anus, so the poop will fall into the waste bag
  • Not need to touch the waste bag, just need to press the button then the waste bag will drop from the clip to the bin
  • Portable - Small size and great design, so you could put it in bag and carry to anyway
  • Core-less, Unscented, Leak Proof, Easy use - Simple design, useful, Clip made from soft silicone inside, so not hurt your dog's tail
  • Bags Measures, size is Small clip 4x7.5cm Bags 16.5x7cm. Medium size is Big clip 5.5X9.5cm Bags 20.5x9cm