Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Are you tired of wringing your neck every time you want to clean your windows on both sides? Sometimes you can not do it? With this Magnetic Window Cleaner, your windows will be like new! 

# 1 Double sided and magnetic, it cleans the outside of your windows by itself

This is your new cleaning utensil essential! Have you always had trouble cleaning both sides of your windows properly? The outside is still a little dirty? With Magnétik, you will never have this problem again! 

This double-sided window cleaner cleans your windows simultaneously inside and out. The principle is simple, it is magnetized on both sides to allow you to clean the outside at the same time as you clean the interior. 

# 2 Effective on all windows, even double glazing

This is suitable for all windows in your home, from single-pane windows to double-glazed windows up to 10 mm thick. It is even suitable for all your velux! 

# 3 An impeccable cleaning thanks to 2 microfiber cloths

With 2 microfiber cloths, you can be sure your windows will be properly cleaned! You will finally see the day and the glow of the sun without any trace. 

The two cloths allow a double action: not only do they recover all the dirt, but they also make your windows shine. The microfiber cloth can also be used to scrub very dirty windows. It can be washed 300 times without losing its cleaning properties.

Technical informations 

100% guaranteed: the power of the magnet will never go away and the EPDM rubber squeegee will not wear out either.

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