Nail Clippers with Built-in LED Light

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Nail clippers and scissors takes all the pain, mess and hassle out of clipping your nailsWith Nail Clipper you can now safely and easily, shape and file fingernails and toenails so accurately and painlessly that you’ll wonder why you stuck with clippers for so long.

Product Features:

  • Safe to Use
Due to the double-side safety blade that spins at 700RMP and thanks to its recessed position and specially designed beveled cutting edges, it's so harmless, it’s virtually impossible to cut yourself. One side acts as a trimmer, the other as a nail file.
  • Built-in LED Light

It provides real comfort to the elderly, people with poor vision or mobility problems, who will be able to see clearly and exactly what they're doing.

  • No Messy Clippings

In just a few seconds anyone can have salon-perfect nails with no pain and, because the removable head catches most of the debris, no messy clippings to pick up.

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