Shot Flask

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Make every drink a touch more stylish with this suave shot flask! When out and about at major functions and events, having the right form of entertainment is vital. Sometimes, when you get to the bar you can quickly realise there’s a limitation to what’s on offer at an event. With this shot flask, you can enjoy your favourite spirits and shots direct from home in this suave, stylish little 8oz shot flask.

Designed to help make every trip a touch more fun, this discrete and delicate design makes it very easy to use. They work perfectly as an extra way to ‘top up’ when at functions, events and shows. Make sure you can make the most of the experience with the help of this shot flask. Made from high quality metal, this helps to keep every drink refreshingly cool, and help the drink to stay without any irritant to the taste.

We’ve put a cool little funnel with it, too, so that you can easily pour in your shots and measures without making a mess. This is a must-have when you want to have easy access to your favourite spirits and shots for those special occasions in life.

If you like to have a drink with a touch of discretion, or you don’t like drinking from glasses and bottles, this helps you change it up a touch. Great for having a quick tipple with your mates or to take with you to help add a touch of energy and charisma to yourself for an event you’re struggling to get up for. Great for everything from pre-match with the lads to nights out with the girls.

Why settle for extortionate pub prices and drinks in night clubs at eye-watering fees? Use a shot flask and make sure you are never stuck for a stylish drink that goes down like a dream!

Shot Flask Key Features

  • The perfect shot flask for anyone who wants to help keep themselves topped up all-day.
  • Great for multiple occasions and easy to use for just about any feature you might require.
  • Classy and stylish solution that really goes the extra mile with any formal or casual look.
  • Easy to fill up with the funnel, great for pouring into your own personal shot glasses.
  • Discrete and easy to hide when needed. Excellent for enjoying an extra drink on-the-go.
  • A wonderful gift for any connoisseurs out there who want to have a good time for less.
  • High quality metal keeps the liquid in your shot flask taste smooth and keep the liquid cold.